Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs


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Here’s an interesting phrase I came across the other day: “The most important time of your day is the time you schedule to schedule time.”

Let that sentence roll through your brain for a minute.

As an entrepreneur, time management is probably one of the most difficult challenges you face. The aforementioned phrase is simply an interesting way of making a clear point: be it at the end of one day or beginning of the next, disciplining yourself to produce a daily time management schedule is of the utmost importance.

It’s far too easy to trick yourself into believing that either:

1) you don’t have the time to set aside 15 minutes to produce a schedule

2) it’s impossible to stick to the schedule anyway, so why bother?

The answer for number 1 is to constantly remind yourself that 15 or 20 minutes for the production of your schedule is one of the most vital parts of your day and a huge key to your success.

Meanwhile, part of the answer to number 2 is almost simpler; keep your schedule flexible and set aside time daily for all of the unplanned interruptions, visits and emergencies that are likely to occur.

Scheduling an “interruptions” block of 30 minutes to an hour daily is likely a realistic timeframe for how your day really goes and will serve to help keep the rest of your schedule robust and productive.

Just as inmportantly, scheduling an interruptions block will provide a psychological boost, minimizing your frustration as emergencies begin to eat away at your time. It’s far more productive to plan for those dilemmas, accept them, and realize that they are simply part of your daily chores as a successful entrepreneur!


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